The company was established in 1969 as a farm for raising queen-bees in the Lipaka region, situated 5 km from Lovech. 5 000 queen-bees were raised duaring the first years. The production tehnolodgy is based on scietific basis under the guidance of the Experimental Station for bee keeping in Sofia. In 1984 the farm was transformed into an enterprise for producing bee products. In 1998 Apiakta was privatized. The aktivities of the company were preserved, but it started functioning as a private commercial company.


Apiakta, has a leading position in the production of queen-bees for the market. A local bee breed similar to karnika is raised. The selection activities are guided by The National Association for Raising Activities in Plovdiv.

Capacity 10 000 queen-bees.

The company applies Good Practice for Producing Bee Prodacts - bee honey, bee pollen and production of wax bases with different standards in conformity with European requirements BG № 1117008.


The company has established a wide network for distributing bee inventory as well as wax bases and quin bees.

Apiakta is open for cooperation with any company that has chosen bee keeping for their FUTURE.




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